We are on a mission to make the planet’s best sofa

Our Story

Founded by a leading designer, a design entrepreneur and R&D specialist, and driven by a business entrepreneur, we set out to create a brand, a product and a new manufacturing and business model that will solve real and practical problems.

With a very dedicated team we are determined to produce a sofa that is fairly priced but not disposable, contemporary but not faddish in design, sustainably made and entirely suited to modern ways of living. 

We understand that building a sofa to last is not just about quality materials, it is about convenience and adaptability. It is about making lives easier.

We spent a year and a half fine-tuning not just a design but a system. We imagined a sofa that could be built easily and re-built and re-sized in almost infinite permutations, and that our customers can take from space to space, from home to home, from city to city. 

High value for money

BASTA is created to make a few products exceptionally well and as efficiently as possible. We minimise wasted time and materials.

We manufacture in small, local ateliers, as close to our customers as possible, and sell and deliver directly. We don’t have to pay retail rents or work with other external retailers which means we can price things fairly and transparently.


You don’t pay more than needed for high quality, design, production and materials. 

You do pay enough to fairly support our team of skilled workers, ensure we can source our materials in sustainable ways, and grow a sustainable business.

We are open about the way we do things, our prices, processes and promise, because we are proud of what we have built and will continue to build.  

Future proof sofas

Modifiable and modular.
Easy to maintain and change.
Made with sustainable and longlasting materials.
Delivered in re-usable cargo bags.

BASTA was co-founded by Dutch designer & Moooi co-founder Marcel Wanders and the Finns Joel Roos and Stefan Mahlberg, the duo behind the design brands One Nordic & Hem. It is driven by Casper Vissers and a highly dedicated and passionate team.