our story

At BASTA, we are reshaping how furniture fits into your life. Founded by a team of experts, a visionary designer, a design and R&D innovator, and a seasoned business leader, we are on a quest to redefine furniture.

Our goal is simple yet ambitious: to create a sofa that's affordable but durable, stylish yet timeless, and made sustainably for modern living. We are on a mission to beat fast furniture by making future-proof sofas.

We understand that building a sofa to last is not just about quality materials, it is about convenience and adaptability. It is about making lives easier.

We spent a year and a half fine-tuning not just a design but a system. We imagined a sofa that could be built easily and re-built and re-sized in almost infinite permutations, and that our customers can take from space to space, from home to home, from city to city. 

washable and longlasting

Cubi sofa designed with washable covers and made from sustainable materials like birch plywood, all sourced from the EU. Join us in choosing furniture that's kind to the planet and perfect for modern living.

adaptable and modular

Discover the flexibility of modern living with BASTA's modular Cubi sofas. Designed for those who value sustainability and adaptability, our sofas are perfect for evolving lifestyles and spaces.

local and sustainable

At BASTA we believe in making a big impact with small changes, especially when it comes to the planet. Our sofas are made in small, local workshops with eco-friendly materials, cutting down pollution and supporting local jobs.