Introducing the stripe

Introducing the stripe

At BASTA, we are not about following trends, we are about setting them with an eye towards timeless design and sustainability.

That is precisely what we have achieved with the latest update to our versatile modular Cubi sofa: the introduction of a new, exclusively available striped fabric in three different colour combinations.

Where trend meets tradition

Stripes have a unique place in design history, a classic design element that perfectly blends modern style with traditional appeal. This makes our new striped fabric an excellent choice for the Cubi sofa. Whether you want a modern look or a more classic feel in your home, the striped fabric brings an elegant and timeless quality that goes beyond passing trends.

Personalisation at its best

At BASTA, we believe in giving you the power to personalise your living space to reflect your unique taste and lifestyle. With our wide range of fabric choices, finishes, and colours, including the timeless striped fabric, customising your Cubi sofa has never been easier.

Should the day come when you desire a fresh look (though we find it hard to believe you will get tired of the striped variant), rest assured, you can always change the covers of your sofa and change them for another fabric or colour.

For more information on the Cubi sofa and the new striped fabric, please feel free to send us an email. Our dedicated team is happy to assist you in selecting the perfect sofa.

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