Discover BASTA in Antwerp

Discover BASTA in Antwerp
We are excited to announce that it is now possible to make a personal appointment in Antwerp to view the Cubi sofa. In an exclusive BASTA corner nestled within Paardenmarkt 68, the Cubi Studio and Cubi Sectional Chaise Longue Open End are presented. Despite its smaller scale, this space demonstrates our commitment to creating sofas that are as environmentally conscious as they are beautiful.


Experience the Cubi sofa up close 

We invite everyone who wants to come to Antwerp to experience the Cubi sofa. This is an opportunity to not only view the sofa, but also to feel, sit, and learn more about the craftsmanship and comfort that BASTA stands for. The Cubi sofa reflects our dedication to timeless design, which is not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical and sustainable.

The team at Paardenmarkt 68 will be present to answer any questions, and tell you more about the design, materials, and the philosophy behind BASTA. We warmly invite you to book a visit to BASTA in Antwerp. 

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Open from Monday to Saturday
Paardenmarkt 68
2000 Antwerp

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