7 questions with Amanda and Jorge

7 questions with Amanda and Jorge

Can you share with us a bit about who you are and your interior as a couple deeply embedded in the world of culture, art, and design?

We are Jorge, artist, and Amanda curator at Stedelijk, partners not just in life but also in our passion for culture, art, and design. Our lives revolve around collecting unique pieces from our travels and fostering a sustainable lifestyle. I, Jorge, have my studio close to our home, a sanctuary where creativity flows freely, and where Amanda often works on her PhD research when she's not at the Stedelijk Museum. Our home is a tapestry of global objects and designs from friends, reflecting our collective journey and aesthetic.

How do you find joy and creativity in your daily life at home?

Our home is an extension of our creative selves, filled with materials, sculptures, art, and books. Weekends are the perfect time to dive into the simple pleasures, whether it's getting lost in the pages of an inspiring book, playing our favourite records, or simply enjoying a glass of wine. It's not just us; we're often joined by friends. And even when we find ourselves alone, Jorge reminds us that we're never truly alone, thanks to our "home friends", who enjoy the remarkable opportunity of living rent-free in Amsterdam.

What drew you to select our brand over others, especially in the context of sustainability and design?

We were captivated by your brand's commitment to sustainability, the colours, and materials you use, and the fact that everything is made locally in Amsterdam. It's important to us that what we bring into our home hasn't travelled far, reducing our carbon footprint. The design and ethos of your brand resonated with our values, making the choice clear. And also that all the modular elements fit through our staircase and could be taken 4 stories high was a big plus.

In what ways do you feel our brand's story or philosophy mirrors your values or lifestyle?

Your brand's focus on sustainability and mindful production aligns perfectly with how we live and think. We recently gave away our old couch, ensuring it also gets a second life, embodying the idea that careful, mindful consumption can lead to meaningful, long-lasting relationships with the objects in our lives.

How does the sofa's design integrate into your eclectic interior, and what features stood out to you the most?

Initially, we were leaning towards a yellow colour for the sofa, but a visit to your showroom changed everything. We fell in love with the green sofa, its colour immediately resonating with us. Its design, featuring boucli fabric and a unique configuration with an open end, was perfect for our space, filled with vibrant colours.

Could you tell us about your decision-making process for the sofa's colour and style, and what it reveals about your personal tastes?

Choosing the colour and style of the sofa was an intuitive process for us. Given the myriad of colours in our apartment, we knew any colour would fit, but we wanted something that would stand out and yet feel at home among our collection.

The initial reaction of Jorge and Amanda to seeing the sofa in their space for the first time?

“Awesome”. Jorge was particularly thrilled, saying, "Can't wait to take a good nap on it."

Thank you Jorge and Amanda for putting your trust in BASTA and joining us on our mission to beat fast furniture!

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