Which colour scheme fits you best?

Which colour scheme fits you best?

By identifying your own unique style you can simplify all kinds of decisions related to your interior. Whether your taste leans toward minimalist, classic, industrial, or eclectic, exploring different colours and textures will help you define your personal style. 

Last May we introduced three recycled PET fabrics, all in warm, neutral tones. Now we are expanding our collection with three new vibrant colours. For some inspiration we have set up the basics according to 3 trends in living for 2024, displayed through the Cubi Sofa in different colours and textures. 

Bold but sophisticated

The use of bold colours has made its comeback. Deep, elegant shades like Marigold Yellow, Sky Blue, and Olive Green remind us of mid-century aesthetics. Pair them with bold patterns and stripes to create an Italian luxurious vibe from the '70s. Combining different materials and colours defines the look of this style. Dare to go bold and big

Style and colour options: Combine the Cubi Chaise Longue Open End in Sky Blue with other rich colours. Don't shy away from adding pops of contrasting colours like coral or violet for a dynamic look and feel. Apart from wooden floors, consider accentuating with glass objects. Choose large-scale art pieces with geometric patterns or iconic prints from the '70s. 


Pure Green

Building on the Urban Jungle trend, the concept of 'green living' is evolving. Create a fresh and light interior by adding natural materials like oak and marble. Try mixing darker and lighter elements in a setting where the sun can bring warmth and comfort, creating an indoor style with an outdoor feel. Placing loads of plants and real greenery supplies oxygen, exactly what we need for healthier living. 

Style and colour options: Combine the Cubi Studio Open End in Linni Dark Grey with shades of green and light accents to enhance a fresh atmosphere. Stick to natural materials and opt for air-purifying plants like split-leaf philodendron, potho's and snake plants. Consider botanical wallpaper in soft, natural hues for one accent wall to reinforce the green living theme. 


Environmentally conscious living

Sustainability has been on the agenda for multiple years and has naturally found a more permanent place in interior design. The range of sustainable products on the market continues to grow. From fabrics made of recycled PET bottles to fully circular design methods and a renewed focus on upcycling. Gone are the days of fast and pollution-intensive production. By selecting handcrafted furniture, art, and accessories that embrace traditional craftsmanship you prioritise quality, longevity, and love for the earth.

Style and colour options: Combine the Cubi Corner in Woolli Natural White with earth tones and beiges, emphasising a connection to nature. Add organic cotton throws and look for wooden sculptures or recycled artworks. A woollen carpet is a good choice, and consider adding a sisal rug as well. 

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